I'm Alexis and I'm so glad to meet you!

what am I passionate about?

I was a social work major and I'm a bit of a psychology nerd. I love people, and learning their stories and their struggles. I'm deeply committed to seeing, understanding, and caring about people, helping wherever I can, and learning from everyone I meet.

who is most important to me?

Like you, I live for my family. My amazing husband and boys are everything to me, and I’m also really close to my mom, who lives with my family. I can’t forget to mention that my family also includes 4 dogs and a confrontational cat that I love.

what's with the old camera?

You may have noticed this old camera on my social media and website. It belonged to my grandpa when he was a young wedding photographer. He is now 91 and still tinkers in Photoshop every day! I treasure his influence and the memories of him teaching me photography basics as a teenager.

what makes me laugh?

My social feeds are full of memes and reels that satirize the joy and struggles of parenting (teenagers!) and funny, derpy animals. I love ALL the animals and often have to restrain myself from getting "just one more!" I'm also a Bob's Burgers superfan - I just love the relatable humor and brilliant storytelling of the series!

who do i embarrass daily?

My two boys are now teenagers (17 and 13) and have become terribly embarrassed about my very existence - especially when I snort-laugh, or, gasp!, speak to their peers. Parenting these two has simultaneously been the most joyful and challenging experience of my life, and I'm grateful and lucky to be their mom.

why do I love photography?

My photos thrive on powerful perspectives and evoking emotion, a passion that might just stem from my love for psychology. My clients are real people with real dreams and challenges. I love the opportunity they give me to get to know them and help them build their small businesses and reach their goals!

Product, Food, Brand and Portrait Photography in Logan, Utah